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The God of Death has come for your lives

Duo Maxwell
Name: Duo "God of Death" Maxwell
Background: Duo was born in the L2 space colony and grew up on the streets until as a child he was taken in by Father Maxwell and Sister Helen at the Maxwell Church. He stayed there until the battle with the Alliance, when rebels tried to hole up in the Church. Duo tried to defuse the situation from a position of strength by stealing a mobile suit, but by the time he got back with the suit, the alliance had already blown up the Church. To this day he still wears a priest's collar as a momento of his upbringing there. After what was known as the Maxwell Church Tragedy, of which Duo was the only survivor, he was imprisoned for for a number of years by the Alliance. He was eventually set loose (or escaped?) to meet one Professor G, who was impressed by the boy's apptitude for stealth and got him onboard with project Meteor.

During Project meteor, Duo and Heero were the first two pilots to meet up, but they didn't realize they were on the same side, so it was an awkward meeting that ended with Heero stealing a bunch of parts from Deathscythe to repair Wing Gundam. They didn't cross paths again until all five gundam pilots met up at the New Edwards Base. Despite their last encounter, Duo worked with Heero for a while yet before deciding to travel back to space. Deathscythe is not built for work in outer space and so Duo was captured by OZ which took this opprotunity to reverse engineered Deathscythe, resulting in the Vayeate and Mercurius. He escaped with Heero's help and then joined up with OZ as a cover to get close enough to Deathscythe to destroy it (Which he managed). While in OZ, he found himself working with one Hilde Schbeiker, and was able to convince her that his anti-OZ sentiments are right. He left OZ only to encounter the Gundam engineers, who captured him again (As they were now forced to work for OZ) while they worked on a new Deathscythe. Eventually, he was freed by Lady Une, and stole the incomplete Deathscythe Hell. He met up again with Hilde again, and the two of them worked together in hiding to salvage enough parts to finish it.

After finishing Deathscythe Hell, he ended up saving Trowa, Quatre, and Lucrezia Noin from OZ, and the group linked up with some friends of his in the ship Peacemillion. He worked alongside all the other Gundam Pilots from then on. In the final battle against OZ, he fought against AI piloted versions of the Vayeate and the Mercurius which were designed by combat data taken from Trowa and Heero, which he soundly thrashes.

Much later (Endless Waltz mode: ENGAGE!), when the Mariemaia Army decided it was going to take over the world, Duo got back into the action with Heero to rescue Relana from Mariemaia, but when things go poorly, Heero knocks out Duo so that he can escape. Heero was fortunatly able to escape captivity and reclaim his gundam from being dropped into the sun. He used it to fight the Mariemaia army long enough for Heero and Relana to save the day, after which he blew Deathscythe up, and spent the rest of his days with Hilde.

Personality: Duo responds to most of the unfortunate events of his life (and there have been quite a few) with an upbeat, humorous, sarcastic attitude. He's far more likely to respond to someone annoying with good natured insults than with a cold shoulder. He also isn't likely to dwell on past mistakes too much, of himself or of others, being willing to give people second chances (I can think of NO other reason that he would continue to associate with Heero throughout the series). His god is the God of Death since he's "never seen any miracles, but I've sure seen lots of dead people."
Don't think, however, that his laid back attitude means you don't have to take him seriously. When the chips are down, he will happily do whatever it is he needs to do, and in combat he switches from Snarky nice guy to...well lets just say that he EARNED his nickname. He has no remorse for his enemies.

Robot Name: XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe
History: Deathscythe was built specifically for Duo for project Meteor by Proffessor G, and was based off of the Proto-Gundam Tallgeese
Overview: Deathscythe is a stealthy, high speed, short-range mecha focusing on ambush tactics
Maneuverability: Best on the ground, highly limited mobility in the air, operates normally underwater, and has damn near zero maneuverability in space.
Weapons: Beam Scythe as primary weapon with small vulcans and a small shield that can be launched for Deathscythe's limited ranged capabilities.
Special Equipment: "Hyper Jammer ECM suite" makes Deathscythe very difficult to track electronically (IE remote cameras, radar, or similar), self-destruct system.
Demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGPRcZZnl_o&feature=related