Duo Doing Fine

Time to cause some trouble.

Hey GDF, I did some snooping around, and I've figured out where the NDC has their Headquarters. I think that might be something useful to know. They're holed up in this big research facility/fortress called the Earth Cradle, in Africa.

[Filtered to Asuka]

It also gives us the opportunity to have a chat with a certain mop wielding employee.
Duo Angry


Axel defected. Axel defected.

We spent a year fighting back-to-back, sometimes literally, while they rebuilt the GDF. You'd think I'd know the guy enough to have seen this coming after that, but...

Dammit! What the hell was he thinking!?
Duo Thoughtful

Confirmed: A bad idea

[Back dated to before Final Victor

Duo looks kind of distracted, much like someone who just had a date last night, except that he doesn't really look happy.]

[filtered from Asuka]

Anyone ever get into someone something and then quickly realize it was a bad idea? What do you DO in that situation?
Duo Modest

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[Though he's off god knows where, around Christmas time a few cards showed up. They're generally simple, with pictures of Christmas trees or Santa Claus or whatever and short messages like "Happy Holidays, your pal, Duo" or possibly, if you happen to be a cute girl "Happy Holidays, lots of love, Duo (XOXO)". There's a card for Kaname, Asuka, Danny, Axel, Ray, Riki, and Simon.]
Duo Doing Fine

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Who: Duo and Asuka, eventually Kaname
What: Totally, absolutely NOT a date Playing Hooky
When: Early afternoon, after the kitchen staff has cleared out from lunch
Where: Initially in the cafeteria, eventually around Tokyo

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