Duo Maxwell (duo_death_god) wrote,
Duo Maxwell

Eventually I'm going to give made up upgrades to ALL my characters


Deathscythe, buddy, I never worried about you having to last forever. To be honest I was going to blow you up once the fighting was done. But, there's no end in sight. For every war we end, another one seems to pop up, and the weapons are just getting deadlier.

We need an edge...

[/Private. To any caring to montior Duo's activities, he has recently looked up the schematics for Deathscythe Hell (Harder to find out, since those are his already.), Arche Gundam, and the ZERO system.]

Hey, Zoe. I've got a kind of big project here that'll need some professional help, if you've got the time.
Tags: shiro h, zoe

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